Rules for the entire forum!

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Rules for the entire forum! Empty Rules for the entire forum!

Post  Kudo-san on Thu 17 Jun 2010, 5:56 am

1. No bashing of a fandom!
2. Strong language may be used in this forum.
3. Be kind to other people.
5. Character Bashing Threads Are Allowed.

Zergios edit!

1: No bashing of a fandom, or the people of the fandom.
2: Swear words can be used, but you can't bash others with it. Punishments will be administered if bashing others with swears gets out of hand.
5: Your allowed to bash characters and anime OUTSIDE OF FANDOM TOPICS. Don't like Ivan-chan from one Piece, because he's creepy? Make a topic and bash him with a stick. No bashing in a fandom topic of him.
6: We will lock any topics we see as extremely inappropriate, or those bashing fellow members. If topics are found bashing members, the creator will be punished.
7: You can make topics as you please. but if they become deadspace for a set amount of time, or are never posted in for a set amount of time, we will remove so it doesn't clutter up the topics.
8: Never ask if you can become a moderator. We decide if people become moderators or not.
9: No advertising useless crap please.
10: If we lock a topic, and you say it shouldn't be, then PM one of the moderators, aka me, and if you give a good enough reason for why it shouldn't be, we'll unlock it.

Rules are not meant to restrict you, but make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

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